Dynamite FX

Dynamite FX is one of the UK's leading special effects and production suppliers that cater to the entertainment and events industry. They supply a wide array of indoor and outdoor special effects which include Cryo & CO2, flame, confetti, streamers, lasers, as well as pyrotechnics. Dynamite FX tailors their services to take any event or occasion into a new era of special effects.

As a reputable special effects company, Dynamite FX has the capability of designing and executing a safe and memorable experience for any type of audience. They handle every aspect of the design, rigging, and safe execution of all the effects. This makes everything easier to manage for them and more convenient for their clients as well.

The special effects at Dynamite FX are designed to work with every aspect of production. These include visual effects and lightning, among other elements. With their talented and dedicated designers, visualizers, technicians, and project managers, they always ensure their clients with the highest levels of spectacular and show-stopping effects.

Dynamite FX uses their reliable and trained team of technicians in designing and installing their clients' special effects equipment. With special effects installation, they provide their clients' teams with the needed training when it comes to operating the special effects devices and units safely and properly – from the set-up up to the firing process. They install CO2 jets, confetti cannons, as well as lasers.

With their hire option, Dynamite FX provides their clients with innovative special effects from the world's leading manufacturers. This enables their clients to design, install, as well as fire their very own show. Dynamite FX delivers the equipment directly to the doorstep of their clients, and then pick them up when everything is done.

Disclaimer: This is not the official site of Dynamite FX. This is only a fan page. Visit http://dynamitefx.co.uk/ for their official website.