Our Business is born from a genuine passion for the Special Effects & Pyrotechnics Industry.

Our aim is to create the new era of Special Effects & Pyrotechnics and when we say this, we really mean it.

Leaving nothing to chance, we’re investing in everything from our people to manufacturing our own equipment. Meaning the jobs and projects that we are involved in are expertly nurtured, right from the beginning. We don’t say this lightly – we love what we do; and we work hard to ensure that you will love being a part of it.

Obsessive Attention to Detail

Every aspect of what we do is considered with the audience and the client in mind. From logistics to the effect itself. We even develop game-changing solutions for all of the industries we support.

A prime example of this is the wireless confetti blowers we engineered for the Jess Glynne ‘Take Me Home’ tour. The Tour Manager wanted multiple confetti blowers in the show, and for them all to go off at the same time. Usually, confetti blowers are manned by local crew who are not au fait with the equipment and struggle to get them to go off simultaneously.

A Complete Solution

In response to this request, we designed and developed an innovative solution that enables the blowers to be fired wirelessly, via our wireless pyro controller. We also modified the internal chamber of the blower to ensure all of the fired confetti would be dispersed equally. Giving an amazing effect & making it easier to add into the production.

If you have a question about an effect, or are looking for something entirely bespoke, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. – we’re happy to help or advise.

Joe Knight (Founder & Director)

London +44 (0)20 7458 4636 / Birmingham +44 (0)121 673 2696