The Hardware

The PFE Advanced 10 Outputs is a real all-rounder pioneering new development in the field of wireless firing. The receiver is waterproof (at least IP66) and comes with an ultra-solid housing consisting of thick anodized aluminium, ensuring the device is suitable even for the most extreme outdoor applications. Thanks to its small dimensions (it’s the same size as the receiver PFE Profi 10 outputs) it also is ideally suited for indoor pyrotechnics and SFX.

The device offers a fully integrated wireless solution and no external wireless modems are required. In addition, the function is not dependent on any external data lines that often cause malfunctions if damaged.

  • Waterproof and extremely robust
  • All outputs can be programmed without restrictions • Fully integrated wireless solution
  • Brilliant display with menu
  • All important device data can be checked and programmed remotely by bi-directional communication if the PFC Advanced or the wireless USB modem PFM Advanced is being used
  • 100 Outputs if the optional Matrix Module is applied
  • Measures and displays the precise resistance of all firing lines connected • Integrated stepping extension available
  • Compatible with all PYROTEC devices
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Technical Specification
  • Manufacture: Galaxis
  • Modulation technique, frequency range and radiated power: Narrow-FSK, 433.050 – 434.775 MHz, 10 mW*
  • Firing power at any cue and output:
    • up to 800 m when using the standard antenna
    • up to 2,000 m when using the Superscan antenna with the receiver*
  • Firing power at any cue and output:
    • 14 e-matches of type ‘A’1 or ‘U’2 using series connection
    • 20 e-matches of type ‘A’1 in parallel connection
    • 10 e-matches of type ‘U’2 in parallel connection
    • 280 e-matches when using a special serial/parallel connection
  • Firing voltage, maximum resistance: 24 Volts, 30 Ohm for e-matches of type ‘A’1, 15 Ohm for e-matches of type ‘U’2
  • Power supply:
    • Two sealed lead acid type rechargeable batteries, 60 hours operating time
    • External supply with 24 VDC is possible
      Dimensions and Net Weight: 1sensitive igniter, 0.8 A all fire 103 x 86 x 430 mm, 4.500 kg
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