The Effect

The Explo Wave Flame combines a fluid driven flame system, with moving-head-technology, in a compact device. Fitted with a motorised and swivelling head, the Wave Flame allows for very fast and precise flame bursts of between 8-11 meters in height. All in a radius of 210°. The resultant “Flame Pictures” open a whole new slew of possibilities when creating indoor or outdoor spectacles. For easy handling, the liquid fuelled projector features a removable 10L fuel canister, as well as an integrated display with menu and control buttons. The wave flame projector can be controlled via DMX. The high resolution allows you to drive to almost every angle.

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Technical Specification
  • Manufacturer: Explo
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 56cm x 33cm x 36cm
  • Weight (KG): 25kg
  • Voltage: 240V
  • Control: DMX-512
  • Flame Height Output: Min 8m to Max 11m depending on nozzle used
  • Consumption: Explo wave flame fluid, 10L (50ml/second)
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