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The new Clubmax 3400 FB4 is a next generation laser display system with an integrated FB4 control interface, stronger and sleeker in its design than any other laser in its class. With an integrated Pangolin FB4 control interface and a network switch for professional control and easy daisy chaining, professional results are guaranteed. The technology incorporates new and improved scan-fail and system safety with advanced power supply monitoring and DMR for peace of mind. The dual modular redundancy (DMR) is a system with duplicated components, providing redundancy in case one should fail. Enabling the Colour Balance display mode allows for the colours outputted by the laser to correspond to those you see on your computer screen, without the need for colour palette calibration in your software. These colour settings are stored in an internal system memory of the Clubmax, meaning you always get the same colours from all Clubmax lasers, no matter what control interface you use.

Clubmax FB4 can also be controlled directly from grandMA lighting desk over the ArtNet. The improved E-STOP circuit now keeps the inbuilt control interface running even if the E-STOP button is activated, ensuring very short restart time of the laser display performance.

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Technical Specification
  • Manufacturer: KVANT
  • Type: Full-colour, semiconductor diode laser system
  • Guaranteed optical output: 3400mW
  • Suitable for: Indoor/small outdoor laser shows and laser graphic displays
  • Control signal: Ethernet, ArtNet, DMX, ILDA
  • Scanning system: ScannerMAX 506 Compact | 40kpps @ 8°
  • Safety: Fully complies with the latest EN 60825-1, FDA regulations and TUV Laser Safety.
  • R | G | B [mW]: 920 | 900 | 1600
  • Beam size [mm]: 3.5 x 4
  • Beam divergence: <1mrad [full angle]
  • Modulation: Analog, up to 50kHz
  • Power requirements: 100-230V/50Hz
  • Consumption: Max. 350VA
  • Operation temperature: 10-40 °C
  • Ingress protection rating: IP54
  • Weight: 8.8kg
  • Dimensions: Length: 276mm, Width: 255mm, Height: 168mm
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