High pressure, intense effects

CO2 effects add an intense visual and audio element to any event. Whether you want a theatrical fog effect, or extraordinary jets of gas powering across the stage, CO2 effects never fail to take it to the next level.

With these effects, you are guaranteed to WOW your audiences. Already hugely popular for highoctane DJ sets, nightclubs, and dramatic mood effects for theatrical productions, CO2 effects are perfect for a wide range of venues, indoor and outdoor, big and small.

CO2 effects have the power to create a range of dramatic displays with ease. From mystical and theatrical fog effects to high-powered plumes, they’re perfect for all kinds of performances.

CO2 Jet Hire - Dynamite FX

Skill level

CO2 effects are available for hire for any level of skill, from portable handheld CO2 Guns to mounted CO2 Jets and Power Jets. If you really want to impress, we have something for everyone.

Some CO2 effects might need specialist setup for a safe and reliable show. So we can provide our own qualified technicians to make sure all your effects run safely and with precision for your peace of mind.


All of our CO2 effects are provided with the relevant consumables you need for your event. Whatever the size and scale of your event, we can provide you with enough CO2 to keep your audience engaged and enjoying themselves.

We are able to offer the very best CO2 gas, from the industry’s trusted suppliers. Our relationships mean we are able to offer the best quality gas at competitive prices. When it comes to gas logistics we are able to deliver anything from one cylinder to 100+ anywhere within the UK & Europe.


When you hire equipment from us, we supply everything you need to create ultimate effects for your production. This can include:

Effect units

Highpressure hoses

Cable packages

Effect controllers

Associated rigging

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