Confetti and streamers are versatile effects that create beauty in an instant.

Suitable for any event or production and for both indoor and outdoor events, they can be delivered in a variety of different ways – you are guaranteed to be delighted with the results.

We have a variety of different options and can recommend a confetti and streamer solution that will leave your audience speechless, delivered in high-impact bursts through to gentle flurries.

Fully customisable, colour schemes, shapes, sizes, materials and even printed options are available and can include bespoke logos and messages. We only use biodegradable confetti and streamers so you can party with a conscience.

Our stock includes; CO2 Confetti Blowers, Stadium shots, Power Shots, Silent Storms and Swirl Fans. 

With our Dynamite FX wireless release system we are able to deploy all of our confetti remotely, meaning our systems and machines can be unmanned and positioned in unusual places, from a one-off hit to a chase sequence.

Looking for an alternative to the normal flutter-confetti with a huge visual impact? How about a colour burst. This is a single hit of coloured confetti that is manufactured from fine cut confetti shards that can deployed either from a stadium shot or from one of our specially modified blowers.

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