Effects to set your show on fire

Nothing will ignite your audience’s excitement more than columns of flame and fireballs shooting up to 8m skywards. So set the show on fire with some of the most dramatic flame effects currently available. It’s time to burn.

Flame effects are suitable for all types of events, whether used with highoctane DJ sets in nightclubs or to drive your audience wild in open air stadium gigs.

Using sophisticated controllers we can help you create high speed beat sequencing, flame chases, and fireballs, all synced with the music or fired on cue.

From indoor theatrical shows to open air festival gigs, we will make sure you have flawless flame effects.

Skill level

Flame effects can change the appearance of any show, literally. So it’s important to ensure you use a qualified technician to set-up and fire your event to meet the health and safety requirements of your venue.

All of our flame effects hire units can come with our qualified technicians to design, setup and fire your effects safely and reliably for your peace of mind.


All of our flame effects are provided with all the propane and butane that you need for your event. Depending on your choice of effect, we’ll make sure you have the right gas and the right quantity to keep your show ablaze!

The Salamander and Flamaniac both come with a choice of coloured flames. And for venues that don’t allow the use of propane and butane, our Salamander flame effect is able to use ethanol and methanol to meet appropriate health and safety standards.


When you hire equipment from us, we supply everything you need to ignite your show. This can include:

  • Effects units
  • Gas Hoses
  • DMX or optional wireless controllers
  • Appropriate fuel and canisters (to meet venue requirements)
  • Cable packages
  • Associated rigging
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