Indoor & stage pyrotechnics add a visually exciting dimension to any live performance or production.

If integrated into a series of other special effects, indoor & stage pyrotechnics provide the crescendo for an unforgettable moment.

We supply the most visually spectacular indoor & stage pyrotechnics and select only the best products from the world’s leading manufacturers. Once on-site, we follow strict safety guidelines for handling, rigging and deployment of all pyrotechnics. Effects include: gerbs, jets, mines, comets, tracer comets, airbursts, waterfalls, cascades and maroons.

Alongside the indoor & stage pyrotechnics, we also offer hand-held products for performers, such as flares and pyrotechnics to add a safely enhanced dimension to the production or performance.

We have invested heavily in Galaxis, the market leaders in special effects and pyrotechnic wireless firing control systems. Whether it’s a small cue with one lift to several lifts and chase sequences, this firing system is capable of firing the most complex of shows.

With feedback from our technicians and the success rate of constantly delivering a flawless pyrotechnic show, we believe Galaxis is the best manufacturer in the business.

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