The ultimate lighting display

Lasers create the ultimate euphoric experience with spectacular animated graphic sequences and spatial effects. Using one of the largest ranges of high-powered lasers for hire in the UK, we’re able create world-class displays to leave your audience awestruck.

Lasers can produce amazing displays for both indoor and outdoor events. Popular for nightclubs and openair stadium gigs, we can create stunning sequences of colours and sweeping movement to add a visual dynamic to your show rivalled by no other lighting effects.

Our professionalgrade lasers are able to create a wide range of pre-designed effects to make any event unique. Using both beam and screen effects we can create displays suspended in the air or projected onto surfaces, choreographed to real-time events. We offer a range of 1-35w lasers, depending on their use and the size of your venue.

Skill level

We provide a range of lasers for all skill levels, from beginners to professionals. Our powerful, professional-grade lasers can only be operated by qualified technicians due to the potential for burns or damage to eyes.

We can provide qualified technicians to help design, install and execute your laser displays safely and in-line with health and safety requirements. We will work closely with tour managers, lighting engineers and venue staff to make sure your performance is unforgettable for the right reasons!


All equipment needed for our laser hire is provided as part of our laser hire packages. This includes:

  • Laser units
  • Control hardware & software
  • Wireless interface
  • Cable packages
  • Associated rigging

All of our lasers are CE approved and meet the strict health and safety requirements for live events.

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