Look for something different

Any special effects at a live event have the ability to send an audience wild. But using a combination of different effects throughout the event will give your audience an experience that will live on for decades!

At Dynamite FX, we have a range of special effects for hire that are amazing on their own, or alongside other special effects to create an unforgettable event.

Multiple Effects

Using a combination of special effects keeps your audience stimulated throughout the event, building up to intense climaxes through a dynamic range of visual effects.

Use a kabuki drop for a dramatic entrance, inflatable orbs to set the scene, and balloon drops for the big finale to spread the excitement throughout the show.

Skill level

All of our special effects are simple to use. But we can provide qualified technicians to design, install and coordinate all of your effects to ensure their maximum impact.

Our experts have the experience and skill needed to ensure all of your effects come together with precision for a dynamic and exhilarating performance, choreographed to the action on stage.


Many of our other special effects such as Snow Machines, Bubble Machines, and Balloon Drops need consumables, which we can provide as part of your hire package.

Whether an evening gig or a weekend festival, we’ll make sure you have enough balloons, liquids and foams to keep you going for the length of your event. Plus we’ll make sure they match your colour themes and theme of your event.


We provide all the equipment you will need to operate your special effects. This includes:

  • Fixings for rigging
  • Powercon power cables
  • Special effects controllers

Contact us and we can help you pick the perfect combination of special effects to meet your budget and give your audience a performance to remember.

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