A bigger bang

Launch your event to a whole new level

There are no other live special effects more dramatic and spectacular than pyrotechnics. So add the explosive element to your event for an unforgettable performance!

Pyrotechnic displays can vary massively depending on the type of performance and venue. Whether using indoor or close proximity pyrotechnics for a theatrical performance, or high altitude pyrotechnics for the grand finale of a stadium show, you can’t fail to impress.

From indoor star bursts and fountains, to high altitude professional grade fireworks, we can create dramatic choreographed displays, timed to perfection.

Skill level

Pyrotechnic displays require technicians to safely design, install and fire your displays. So we’ll provide you with an experienced pyrotechnics team to ensure your display is carried out safely and on cue.

Our pyrotechnic team will help you complete all of the necessary risk assessments specific to your venue and event. Working closely with your event team and venue managers, we’ll help you to design and deliver a breathtaking pyrotechnic display, executed with precision.


All consumables for any display of pyrotechnics can be provided by us to suit your performance.

With a massive array of stage, close proximity and high altitude pyrotechnics available, we’ll work with you to design a breathtaking display and provide everything you need to leave your audiences awestruck.

All pyrotechnics and fireworks carry the correct regulatory approval for safe and lawful use in the UK.


Every piece of equipment needed for your pyrotechnic display is provided and can be installed by us in a complete package. This includes:

  • Pyro consumables
  • Pyro controllers
  • Firing racks, pods & plates
  • Associated rigging
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