The Brief

To produce a spectacular show of special effects and lasers to the awe inspiring electronic line ups of drum & bass, house and techno. 

Our Approach

We worked with Forbidden 42 to curate three of the biggest shows to date full of special effects, pyro and lasers. Effects included multiple stage pyro hits of gerbs, mines and comets, all timed perfectly. CO2 Jets were placed in various positions across the stage as well as being fired into the crowd. Smoke effects were fitted to fighter jets for theatrical effect. Stadium shots launched streamers and confetti across the giant aircraft hangar. Our G-flames filled the entire down stage edge to create a wall of fire. Multiple 14w lasers heads were used in different configurations to create a web of hot beams across the crowd. An event simply not worth missing.

We Supplied
  • 8 x 14W Lasers 
  • 10 x G Flames
  • 6 x Stadium Shots 
  • Multiple Hits of Stage Pyro
  • 2 x LSG Machines
  • 8 x Co2 Jets 
  • 1 x Grand MA Lighting Desk 
  • 6 x Galaxis Advanced Receivers
  • 2 x Galaxis Advanced Controller