The Brief

To supply a rock and roll touring sfx and pyro package to play big in venues and festivals ranging from 2000 up to 60,000 people across Europe.

Our Approach

We took a variety high impact effects out on the road including flames, CO2 jets , LSG, confetti, pyro and smoke effects. Positions were either in the pit, down stage edge or upstage for depth under the risers. What we supplied played well for both smaller venues such as Manchester Apollo but able to upscale to the larger festivals like Hellfest in France. We increased the number of units accordingly as well as supplying power upgrades for the flames. All effect cues were programmed during a 3 day rehearsal in Paris where our technicians perfected each cue to deliver a flawless show piece. 

We Supplied
  • 10 x Galaxis G Flames 
  • 8 x CO2 Jets 
  • 4 x Explo Wave Falmes 
  • 6 x MagicFX Smoke jets 
  • 2 x LSG Machines
  • 4 x Magic FX Stadium Blaster 
  • 6 x Galaxis Advanced Receivers
  • 2 x Galaxis Advanced Controller
  • 1 x Grand MA Lighting Desk