The Brief

To curate a visual spectical for viewers watching Cradle of Filth’s first live stream.

Our Approach

We pulled out all the stops to create a visual spectacle ensuring the viewers were fully immersed for the live stream. We had flaming props, flambeaux, flame throwers, flame torches and flame bars all of which were fired through during the highs of the black metal set. To contrast the flames, we used low lying fog and snow confetti to create a blizzard of theatrical snow flakes.

We Supplied
  • 6 x Flame Torches
  • 2 x Flambeaux
  • 4 x Vertical Flame Bars
  • 4 x Horizontal Flame Bars
  • 8 x Galaxis G Flames
  • 2 x Swirl Fans
  • 1 x Grandma Dot2
  • 2 x XL Stage Fans
  • 2 x LSG Low Fog