Expertise, Knowledge and Experience.

Our knowledge and experience has built us a solid reputation within the entertainment and events industry as we continue to innovate and invest in the very best equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers.

We love a challenge and are used to working under pressure, with tight deadlines and sometimes tight budgets. With all this said, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver the very best quality and service to all our customers, ensuring each show is as good as our last. Safety is our number one priority; we pay particular attention to all aspects of health and safety ensuring no area is overlooked; from storage, design and the planning processes to full the integration and execution of all our effects into any show or production.

With every project, we use a three step plan, designed with the client & the audience at the heart of everything we do.

1. Idea

We work closely with the client, always keeping the audience in mind, to develop an initial idea.

Usually, ideas are initiated by the production team looking for a typical addition to their show. We then select and design our effects to be integrated taking into account visual elements, timed cues, & logistical requirements. It’s becoming more and more popular for clients to want something different – requiring us to think outside the box and provide those unique and iconic moments. This can be achieved with bespoke engineering to make a creative vision a reality.

2. Create

When we receive a brief, we start to work on a special effect and pyrotechnic concept – one that’s guaranteed to wow any spectator.

This involves our amazing R&D team of designers and engineers.

We design and test everything at our HQ in Warwickshire. Each project starts with CAD drawings, 3D renders including 360 degree visualisations, followed by prototyping, testing and then finally the production of the finished item. We have the best relationship with local suppliers and only use and the very highest quality components and materials for all of our projects.

3. Execution

We’ve invested in the best equipment within the industry but most importantly the best people in the game. We also take pride in training the next generation of special effect and pyrotechnic technicians.

We work closely with all production departments to ensure a smooth and seamless execution of all our effects. We select the very best professionals, and all of our technicians are well-accustomed to working under pressure and in challenging environments. Our crew have been trained to put health and safety at the forefront of their minds when carrying out a job, whether it be a festival field, an indoor concert or TV studio; we ensure the health and safety guidelines are always followed and enforced from the moment we arrive.

We are here to deliver your vision – however big or small it may be. Let us add the magic to your next production!

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