The Brief

Produce and execute a multi-sensory, edible show.

Our Approach

When Fatboy Slim’s management wanted to produce the world’s first edible show, we knew it was time to pull out all the stops and create something extraordinary. We delivered a fully immersive concept that incorporated edible aspects into the production as well as being deployed within our special effects. As opposed to firing the usual comestibles, we ventured to the sweetshop to find inspiration and items that would work being fired via Confetti Blasters, Power Shots and Balloons.

Linked in sync with the show and to visual cues, we filled the arena with the aroma of bananas using oil-based scents and finished with smoked-filled bubbles that also contained a banana fragrance.

We Supplied
  • Sherbert filled UFO’s fired via our wireless confetti blaster
  • Ricepaper confetti was used as opposed to regular confetti
  • Pick & mix sweets filled the inflatable orbs
  • Banana sweets were fired through out power shots
  • X4 Smoke filled bubble machines
  • X4 Automatic wireless confetti blowers
  • X6 Co2 jets
  • X4 Stadium shots
  • X60 3ft inflatable balloons