The Brief

Provide Special Effects for the techno brand’s biggest festival show to date.

Our Approach

Planned as the brand’s biggest show of 2017 it was imperative to create a show-stopping experience that would be the talk of the festival. Filled with surprises we worked closely with the client discussing cues of the various effects, timed with visuals and the track drops.

Co2 was deployed via Co2 Power Jets positioned by the first three pillars at the beginning of the arena, along with four wireless Confetti Blowers. Set within the stage was a massive array of lasers including Burst Boxes, BB3’s and 30w Pheanon Pros, complementing our line rocket concept, which blew the ravers away.

During Jamie Jones’s headline set, we fired 1 sec x 35ft Gerbs from the back of the arena roof to the front of the stage on one of his penultimate drops, along with banging airbursts perfectly timed to the techno beat. Co2 was also deployed making the pyrotechnics really stand out with a punch of colour.

We Supplied
  • X80 1 x 35 ft gerbs
  • X6 Co2 Power Jets
  • X4 Wireless Confetti Blasters